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Dr. Ulrike Schubert

Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney

Curriculum Vitae

Studied Biochemistry at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, diploma thesis in the field of plant biochemistry;

Doctoral Thesis in the field of molecular biology in the area of therapeutic antibodies and veterinary parasitology;

Worked for several years at MorphoSys, a leader in fully human antibody technologies, in the area of therapeutic antibody identification, characterization and optimization as well as in technology transfer;

With Reitstötter Kinzebach since 2009. 

Areas of Expertise

Drafting patent applications, prosecuting European and international patent applications, and coordinating patent prosecution in other jurisdictions, including examination, opposition and appeal proceedings.

Particular technical expertise in the fields of molecular biology, biotechnology, pharmaceutics, diagnostics and crop protection, such as preparation and use of therapeutic antibodies and antibody mimetics, formulation of pharmaceuticals, recombinant protein and nucleic acid technologies as well as transgenic plants.