Trade Marks

Trade Marks are striking differentiators. They are becoming increasingly important as they indicate that a product or service comes from a particular company. Our firm has many years’ experience in developing and sustaining trade mark portfolios on behalf of national and international companies. We work closely with other firms that specialise in industrial property protection throughout the world, and can therefore offer our clients all-round services in all aspects relating to international trade mark law.

Our services range from the examination, creation and development of trade mark portfolios, to the on-going monitoring of trade marks. When we detect potential conflicts, we take preventive action to protect rights and initiate, as necessary, legal action to enforce them.

We advise our clients on how to create meaningful links between national trade marks, Community Trade Marks and International Registrations and file trade mark applications with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office, national trade mark offices throughout the world in co-operation with local colleagues, the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market and the World Intellectual Property Organization; we also represent our clients in official opposition and cancellation proceedings and in infringement proceedings before courts of law, including injunction proceedings.


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