Our law firm was founded by Professor Josef Reitstötter in Berlin in 1928. Prof. Reitstötter was a renowned colloid chemist and, from 1917 onwards, he published no fewer than 80 articles in his specialised field. He soon discovered the importance of patents for research and industry, which is why he decided to become a patent attorney while pursuing his scientific career. From 1930 on, he edited the patent section of the Journal of Colloid Chemistry and wrote books on patents such as “Fortschritte in der anorganisch-chemischen Industrie an Hand der deutschen Reichspatente dargestellt” (“Progress in the inorganic chemical industry with examples from German Reich patents”) (Julius Springer Berlin, 1925).

When the German Patent Office was re-established in Munich in 1949, the headquarters of the law firm was transferred to Munich.

Dr. Werner Kinzebach joined the firm as a partner in 1972. He expanded its activities to include major clients in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and was one of the first to take on patent law cases relating to biotechnology inventions. In so doing, he paved the way for our firm’s current focus. Dr. Kinzebach also played a crucial role in obtaining landmark rulings from Germany’s Federal Supreme Court, such as the “Alkylene diamines”, “Tetraploid chamomile” and “Clinical trials I” cases, as well as decisions from the European Patent Office’s Technical Board of Appeal, as in the Alpha-Interferon/Biogen case.

As the practice continued to grow, an office was opened in Ludwigshafen in 1995 in order to be close to the chemical industry based there.

Today, the law firm is active in all areas relating to intellectual property rights. It specialises in patents and utility models, trademarks and industrial designs


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