Munich Office

From our Munich office base, we have been advising our clients since 1949. Currently, five patent attorneys, namely

Dr. Georg Schweiger
Dr. J. Uwe Müller
Dr. Wolfgang Thalhammer
Andreas Rabe
Dr. Sebastian Walter

and one lawyer, namely

Katja Kinzebach

are based at our Munich office, dealing with trade mark and copyright matters.

Our attorneys are supported by a team of engineers and scientists, and by an experienced office staff crew of paralegals and trainee patent attorneys.

At our Munich office, we deal mainly with inventions from the fields of natural sciences and engineering, as well as inventions from the fields of information and communication technologies, and above all with intellectual property matter from the vast fields of chemistry, chemical and biotechnological engineering, food and foodstuff technologies, plant protection, pharmacology, biochemistry, biotechnology, mechanical engineering, electronics, automotive technologies, software and information technologies, and also medical engineering.


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